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  • Dimensions: 93,2 m2
  • “Comfort” configuration: 149 100 € + VAT
  • Construction time: 8 months
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House specifications:
113 300 €
Dimensions: 93,2 m2
Construction time: 8 months
  • Exterior finish: Scandinavian plywood (any colour and texture)
  • Insulation: 200 mm rockwool walls / 200 mm rockwool floor / 200 mm rockwool ceiling
  • Double-glazed PVC windows
  • Entrance doors
  • New generation roofing with PVC waterproofing
  • Electrical wiring, water supply and sewerage
  • A chance to change the layout of a house
149 100 €
Dimensions: 93,2 m2
Construction time: 8 months
  • Exterior finish: Scandinavian plywood (any colour and texture)
  • Interior finish: Scandinavian plywood (any colour and texture)
  • Floor — laminated flooring (Class 33), bathroom — vinyl coating
  • Insulation: 200 mm rockwool walls / 200 mm rockwool floor / 200 mm rockwool ceiling
  • Double-glazed PVC windows
  • All doors
  • New generation roofing with PVC waterproofing
  • Electrical wiring, water supply and sewerage
  • Bathroom appliances, faucets, etc.
  • A chance to change the layout of a house
169 100 €
Dimensions: 93,2 m2
Construction time: 8 months
  • Premium configuration - upon request
  • coming soon

Delivery in all Europe

We deliver throughout Europe! This is a huge advantage — it is difficult to transport large cargo that requires special conditions, transport and logistics.

Payment in stages

You do not have to pay the entire amount at once — you pay comfortably at each stage of production


50% deposit to begin production when concluding a contract


20% second stage payment after the frame is ready


20% third stage of payment before starting work on interior decoration


10% final payment after installation

100% own production

Proper wood preparation

We harvest spruces and pines ourselves and control their drying process. We treat the wood to protect against insects. Properly dried wood ensures that the house holds its original shape for decades.

A patented key compound is used during assembly. It simultaneously provides excellent rigidity and flexibility, and is even able to withstand an earthquake or hurricane.

Cost with no extra charges

We have 100% own production. Therefore, with the high quality of materials and works, the price of our houses is still lower than that of our competitors.

Our production facility near Riga allows savings on transporting materials and we do not use contractors or resellers - we harvest the wood ourselves.

Original designs

Our projects are not from existing catalogues — they are our own designs that we originally made for ourselves and not to sell; every detail is taken into account and the structures themselves are as reliable as can be.

We build as we would build for ourselves. We use powerful bars and reliable joints, we do not save on materials, we vouch for our work and provide a guarantee.

Experience and professionalism

We have come up with several standard houses and we can also develop an individual project for you, taking all your wishes, needs and budget into account.

We have been engaged in construction for more than 10 years, and in this time we have successfully built many guest and private houses, as well as cafes, restaurants and saunas. Buildings erected by us can be found in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

We can help you in selecting the project

Get a free consultation — we will discuss solutions and answer all your questions!

Frame houses are modern trend in construction

Why are Scandinavian countries switching to this format of housing? There are a few main reasons

Natural wood

It’s a material proved by thousands of years. Wood does not need advertising or additional explanations.

No foundation required

You can erect the house almost anywhere and later you can dismantle and transport it, if necessary. No need to wait for the foundation to shrink during

Energy efficiency

You save on house heating in winter and cooling in summer several-fold thanks to thoughtful designs and solutions.

Environmental friendliness

We build using only environmentally friendly materials and energy efficiency allows to pollute the environment less.


A high-quality wood frame house can last for several centuries. All its components are of factory quality.

Affordable price

A whole house will cost less than a one-room apartment in the secondary housing market and several times cheaper than an aerated concrete house.

Fast construction

We offer a ready-made house according to a standard project in 2-6 months - from approval to final installation.


Our projects are developed in compliance with a high level of seismic resistance and fire safety.

A frame house is profitable!

Earn on renting out your house

Do you have a vacant plot of land? Don't let it stand idle. Order a frame guest house, which can be rented out on a per day basis.

A profitable solution for additional and even primary earnings - the cost of the house will quickly pay off and after that, you will earn a profit. Only a frame house gives such an opportunity - it can be built on almost any site.

The low cost makes this type of income affordable for everyone And the possibility of paying in instalments means you can start your business without large start-up capital.

Temporary housing during the “Great Construction”

Are you already building yourself a house? While building the long-lasting construction, put a frame wooden house nearby. No need to rent an apartment, live far from the construction site or spend extra money. This is more profitable than renting an apartment, as you do not waste your money and get your own house instead!

What can be done with it after the main house is built?

Use it as a guest or additional house. Rent it.

Sell or move it - a frame house can be moved to another site, as it is easy to remove.

Save on heating

It is cheaper to heat a frame wooden house with the right design than a house made of aerated concrete. When building a year-round house, thick insulation made of mineral wool is used. Compared to an apartment, the difference in heating costs will be 5 times less on average. Accordingly, the cost of air conditioning in summer is reduced as the house retains its temperature.

Mineral wool insulation is not only an excellent heat insulator but also a noise absorber. Walls made of aerated concrete are 3 times worse at coping with sound insulation.

Visit the production site!

When meeting in person, you can see examples of houses, evaluate the quality of materials and assembly, and also ask us all your questions on site.

Apply for a visit every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Just leave a request and we will agree on a date convenient for you!

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